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Having a Corporate Holiday Party? Don’t Let It Be A Lump Of Coal.

The company holiday party.

For a lot of companies, it’s the biggest corporate party they will throw all year.

Every year in places like San Diego and Orange County, businesses big and small brainstorm ideas for a corporate holiday party that will reward their employees for their hard work during the past year. The party is a time to let loose, encourage camaraderie and build team chemistry. The last thing a business wants is for the party to be a dud.

Whether it’s a themed party, a gala, a mixer, or a club-like atmosphere, an awesome photo booth rental will no doubt add a special ingredient that would be missing otherwise.

If this is supposed to be one of the most fun work-related nights of the year for an employee, a keepsake is in order. No need to worry about selfies or a photographer running around, a photo booth rental captures moments that an employee won’t want to forget.

We here at Pixster offer an Open Air style photo booth rental in San Diego and Orange County for large groups of people to get in front of the camera together. We include unique holiday-themed props, innovative technology and custom backdrops tailored specifically to the company’s preference. This way, co-workers are captured laughing and smiling together and then given their photos immediately. But whether it’s their photo strips framed on their work desk or the uploaded photos they received from our social media app now set as their wallpaper, they have something to remember long after.

There’s nothing like taking fun photos to break up the potential monotony of the night.

It’s also beneficial for the corporate client as well. Pixster’s social media integration technology and custom step-and-repeat backdrops with company logos create an opportunity to let a much larger online network of people know what a fun environment they produce for their employees.

It stays warm here in San Diego and Orange County during the holiday season; so don’t leave your employees out in the cold for your corporate holiday party. Check out the photo booth rental package that works for you to give your company’s employees the memorable night they’ve worked so hard to enjoy.

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